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Current Research

Currently, I am working on meeting new professors and making new connections at Georgia Tech; at the current point, I have no specific projects. 

My past interest has been in number theory, but during my graduate years I plan on taking a different direction. As for what that is, I am open-minded as of now!

Previous Work

Conference Talks

  1. "On a Series related to Euler's Totient Function," TX-LA Math Conference, March 25-26 2023, Baton Rouge, LA; poster & slides.

  2. "Zeros and a-values of Zeta Approximations," Palmetto Number Theory Series 34, September 25-26 2022. Charlotte, NC; slides. 

  3. Cuspidal Projections of Products of Eisenstein Series,” TX-LA Math Conference, March 26-27 2022, Houston, TX; poster & slides.

  4. "Monomials, Convex Bodies, and Optimization," Joint Mathematics Meetings 2021, January 6th 2021, online; poster.

  5. "Inverse Spectral Problems for the Discrete Schrödinger Operator," TX-LA Math Conference, October 31-November 1 2020, online; poster & slides

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